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MyCAA Funding Improves Military Spouse Job Prospects

Meditec believes that military spouses deserve a high-quality education that leads to portable career, so relocation never gets in the way of their goals. Meditec is honored to be working with the Department of Defense's expanded Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program to provide career training at no cost to the military spouses who work hard supporting our troops.

Invest in Yourself and Your Career Today!

  • Careers That Move With You
  • Up To $4,000 In MyCAA Funding
  • Instructor Support
  • Industry-Standard Codebooks are Included

MyCAA Courses

  • 1. Medical Billing & Coding
  • 2. Pharmacy Technician
  • 3. Medical Office Manager
  • 4. Paralegal, and more...

Who is eligible for MyCAA Financial Assistance?

Spouses of service members on active duty in pay grades E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2, and O-1 to O-2 who can start and complete their coursework while their military sponsor is on Title 10 military orders, including spouses married to members of the National Guard and Reserve Components in these same pay grades.

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  • "I loved my training from Meditec! It's comprehensive, complete, and the added humor in the areas where the transcription gets tough kept me going. The equipment works great and is easy to use. My instructor was kind and helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn medical transcription from home, at their own pace…" -Brandi P
  • "Just wanted to share some good news! After getting through only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the actual MT course dictation, I got a job! In my neck of the woods, there's a company which subcontracts MTs for local accounts. The owner gave me some test dictation and apparently I did really well. My first day was yesterday and I got done in half the time I expected. I also have a seasoned MT monitoring me, and she said I did really good on my first reports. To tell the truth, I was a little surprised they were so easy. I expected them to be more like our practice dictation. This course is amazing, and the practical experience was the key to me landing this work!" -Chris
  • "Hi Dawn,
    Just wanted to let you know how I'm doing with Accustats internship. It's been 2 weeks and I'm loving it. Based on my calculations I have a 98% for the 2 weeks. Thank You Meditec! I have a girlfriend who is interested in medical billing and coding. She asked about Meditec and of course I totally recommended Meditec. Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend." -Mary B
  • "Hi Jari,
    I just wanted to thank you and everyone else at Meditec! I graduated from your course over the summer and then my husband was hurt and I was not able to do the Jumpstart Program right away. I want to thank everyone for getting me into the Jumpstart Program. I was hired on March 1st and I am so happy about that. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything from all of you and will always be thankful. You guys made it easy to pay for everything and get my foot in the door!
    Thank you again," -MSquires
  • "Hi,
    I wanted to drop a note to say just how great all the staff at Meditec are. Everyone that I have had the privilege to chat with, either by email or phone, has been extremely courteous, helpful and encouraging. There have been times when I wondered if I was in over my head, but then I'd get a reminder on the CD or in the book to stretch, take a deep breath and just keep going. And it is wonderful to know I have a support team just a phone call away. It has been a real pleasure and I look forward to the next phase." -Blessings, Teresa P.
  • " Corie; I was hired my [***] full time… I got to pick the shift I wanted to work out of many options…. They are starting me out at 7.5 cents/line… 65 char inc. spaces/ 5000 lines min./every 2 weeks…. is that a lot? Will I be able to handle the load? I trust your knowledge better than mine. I will be transcribing Behavioral Health reports that are long with minimal headings and labs. They provide extra incentives and the possibility of OT if I want more hours. They provide the software and foot pedal. Let me know your impression or if you're familiar with the company.
    Thanks so much," -Kathi R
  • "Hi! Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for doing such an excellent job of preparing me to be an MT. While still finishing up your course, I thought I'd begin searching for jobs. I replied to a few ads I saw, telling them that I had no experience but was up for the challenge if they'd hire me. The next day I got a response from one, was asked to take a 50-question test, and soon was hired. I've been working for them for almost a month now and am loving it! So a big thanks to you guys here at Meditec!!! I do have a question though. Am wondering if I should go ahead and still try to take that 3-hour exam or is it not necessary since I already have an excellent fulltime job??
    Thanks again." -Marci
  • I graduated last month with a fairly low score but I was given encouragement by Corie and Jari that I will do well in this field because all I need is some experience. I sent out 150 resumes since then, no lie! I received a job offer from a nonprofit mental health center but had to turn it down due to high daycare rates and the job's low pay. The HR person is seeing about getting me outsource work from home because I tested so well! Wow, what a great feeling. I am also in line for another job with a pathology lab. I have my second interview this week. They said I tested so well that if it had been for the regular transcription dept. they would have hired me. Thanks so much to this wonderful course. I am definitely coming back in a year or so to do the billing and coding course." -Lisa

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